I Improve My Speech


I Improve My Speech is a book intended for 3+ toddlers, and guides parents in support of their child’s language development. Every healthy child is born with capacity of learning the language. Language development is a significant part of child development. It helps children develop communication, expression and comprehension skills. Language skills also support thinking and problem-solving skills. Learning to understand and employ the language forms basics of literacy. Children have a tremendous capacity of improving language skills up to age 3. Even though every child is inherently capable of language skills, the speed of development is surely affected by social circles. Verbal communication established as of babyhood paves the ground for learning one’s mother language.



  • 48 pages
  • 21 x 29,7 cm size
  • Enamel paper
  • Paperback
  • Age group: 3+
  • Barcode: 9786057581440

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