‘The Tailor Bird is Sewing Up’ Drawing Book for Kids


‘The Tailor Bird is Sewing Up’ drawing book for kids offers activities to enable and encourage kids to have control over the pen, supporting their drawing skills to the satisfactory level. The book genuinely intends;

  • To support fine motor skills and eye - hand coordination,
  • To hold the pen correctly,
  • To have control over the pen,
  • To draw lines as instructed,
  • To draw a line between starting and ending points,
  • To learn about drawing and writing directions,
  • To learn as to how to write numbers,
  • To acquire writing awareness.



  • 48 pages
  • 26 x 26 cm in size
  • High-grade paper pulp
  • Paperback
  • Age group: 5+
  • Barcode: 9786057581273

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