The Boy Who Switched Off The Sun

Little Marcel didn't just like ice cream. He was absolutely nuts about the stuff!

From the moment he awoke Marcel could think of nothing else... He even dreamt about ice cream in his sleep. But the hot sunshine keeps spoiling his enjoyment by turning his delicious frozen treat into a mushy, melting mess. Fed up with drippy ice cream, Marcel comes up with a brilliant idea - he'd simply build a rocket, fly to the sun... and switch it off!  Unfortunately, Marcel's actions have far-reaching consequences. He realises he must find a way to put things back to normal - and quickly!

Who'd have thought eating ice cream could prove to be so difficult?

Paul Brown gives us an entertaining story, warning that we may end up with encountering some uncalled-for consequences if we don't calculate on possibilities in the first place. Still, it is never too late. Even if you make an incorrect decision you can still correct it as long as you calculate, devise and plan what to do and how to do it. You should revise your decisions and never give up on seeking ways to correct if you are wrong.


Written by Paul Brown

Illustrated by Mark O'Hanlon



  • 32 pages
  • 26 x 26,5 cm in size
  • Enamel paper
  • Coated enamel cover
  • Age group: 3-6 years
  • Barcode: 9786057581013
  • Retail price: TL 18,00

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