Digby’s Moon Mission

One night, Digby Fixit wakes to find his room in too much darkness! Astonished to see how wafer-thin the moon has become, he decides it needs a really good feed. So, he and his friends set about creating a delicious menu for every day of the week. What if the gang loads the catapult in Digby’s yard and sends their sumptuous feast towards the moon? Voila! The moon is a plump as a pie, lighting the sky. The dark is no longer so dark.


A delightful book with a twist by Renee Price. A very clever way of introducing days of the week as kids journey with Digby and his friends in their mission to plump up the moon.


Written by Renee Price

Illustrated by Anıl Tortop



  • 32 pages
  • 26 x 26,5 cm in size
  • Enamel paper
  • Coated enamel cover
  • Age group: 3-6 years
  • Barcode: 9786057581303

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